Long Distance Relationship Problems

The relationship is not easy. Every couple has their ups and downs. But they say after every storm there is a Sunshine. But this sunshine does not come easy in Long Distance Relationship Problems. It is not easy to be in a relationship. It is even harder to be in Long Distance Relationship. When issues start to arise between you and your partner, having the patience to understand your partner’s situation and how you both want the relationship to work helps you a long way to tackle those Long Distance relationship Problems.

In this article, we’ll read about the problems that generally arise in long distance relationships. And how you can fix them. After all, if there’s love, then there’s always a solution and reason to stay together.

Problems in Long distance relationships-

For every couple, there’s a different problem or issue. Some may have communication gaps or miscommunication, feeling or drifting apart, not giving enough time, etc.

Communication Gaps

Every long distance relationship problems arise due to lack of communication or not communicating with your partner the way you used to when you both were near. You have to remember that things are gonna change drastically when you or your partner move to a different city or country. You have to give them a meaningful time from your schedule to let them know you miss them or you miss being close to them. These simple things work very well in long distance relationships to keep your partner happy.

Be open with your partner. After all, he/she is your other half. You should be sharing every stuff you go through from morning to night. That is key to a healthy and happy relationship. Be open and tell them if you don’t like certain people they are hanging out with. And discuss and work upon such things before they get out of hands. If you are too busy all day then talk to your partner at night before bed for at least half an hour telling them what you did all-day. And tell him/her you miss being with them.

A feeling of drifting apart

When there is a lack of communication, this feeling of drifting away from your partner is always gonna kick in. You have to realize when this feeling arises and you have to understand and talk about this feeling with your partner before it is too late. Because you may not realize soon but this feeling will grow and eventually one day you will be so drifted apart that there will be no chance of you both getting together.

If you do not give your partner the time they need, the communication your relationship needs, etc. Then be ready to hear the statement that every long distance relationship ends with, “I think the distance between us made us drift apart”

To avoid this rift between you and your partner, simply give your efforts as you would have given in a new relationship. Treat your relationship as new no matter how old it gets or how far you both are. Build and keep building your relationship on a foundation of trust, faith, and transparency. With that said Never Lie. And this should be followed by both man and woman in a healthy long distance relationship.

Different time zones

When you and your partner are living in different time zones, say in different countries across the globe. It is obviously gonna make communication difficult. You need to have patience and understanding that your partner is in complete different time zone. While you are sitting on a relaxing day wanting to have that romantic conversation, but your partner is sleeping at night in that different time zone.

This is the most challenging thing in Long Distance Relationships Problems. For overcoming this problem simply make a schedule for your video calling/chats, mark a day in a week at a particular time where you both can sit and talk to each other without and any worries. A Friday night video call session with your love rather than a party with your friends would be much more relaxing and happier.


When you are living far away from your partner, it is common to have insecurities. It’s up to you how you handle it or how you connect with your partner so these insecurities do not arise. You have to take a leap of faith, Love is a gamble. You have to have faith in your partner when you both are truly in love. Nagging or hounding your partner due to insecurities is always gonna make things worst.

Take time and communicate with your partner if you have some sort of insecurities. Tell them, talk to them find a fix together. That’s all it takes to have a happy healthy relationship. Even if it is a Long Distance Relationship.


Relationships are hard. Love is tough. It takes a lot of determination and commitment. Love is not about happy moments every time. There are ups and downs in this journey. But what makes love happy is that you don’t leave your partner even in a down phase. When you don’t give up on your partner, no matter what. That is when love is successful. Remember that every relationship has problems, every problem has a solution. If you truly love the person, giving up is not an option.

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