Best Denim Jacket Outfits Ideas To Rock

by Aug 12, 2021Men's Fashion

Today we’re gonna take a look at Denim Jacket Outfits Ideas you can style. All right guys, so a denim jacket is one of the most essential items in every man’s wardrobe in my opinion.

Denim jackets are incredibly versatile, and they’re very good for layering with a wide variety of different clothing items. They also add a very rugged texture to any outfit you decide to incorporate it with. And because it layers so well it means you can wear it in a wide variety of different situations when it comes to the weather.

If it’s warmer outside and you wanna wear a t-shirt and shorts that’s totally fine. You should still be able to incorporate a denim jacket into the outfit, or if it’s colder outside you can throw a hoodie underneath your denim jacket. So one item is providing you a lot of flexibility.

Now when it comes to price denim jackets can vary widely, my recommendation is if this is your first denim jacket I would say pick up something from Levi’s. I think they provide an excellent balance between price and quality.

In terms of which style you should start with, I would say to start with one of two options. Either a lighter wash denim jacket or something that’s a bit darker. Something that would mimic essentially what you would expect to see with raw denim jeans.

Now then, on to the styling portion of this Denim Jacket Outfits Ideas.

1. Bold print or pattern.

You can see here in the image we have a really cool, eye-catching pattern underneath the denim jacket, and the two complement each other very well. It could just be a regular t-shirt with a bold pattern or print. Either way, it’s still going to accent that denim jacket very well.

Denim Jacket Outfit Ideas
Denim Jacket Outfit with t-shirt

2. Denim Jacket Outfits Ideas with White Oxford

This one has to be one of my absolute favorites because the White Oxford contrasts the jacket but it still compliments it very well. An outfit I like to put together quite often is the White Oxford with the light wash denim jacket and a dark wash pair of denim jeans. And finally, to cap the outfit off with the shoes and the belt you could add in some brown to compliment the shades of blue and white. Now two main things here are gonna make this outfit look a little more sophisticated and formal than the previous outfit I just showed you.

First, you’ll notice that the shirt is tucked in, you can use something like shirt stays to really help give you that clean look right around the waistline. And then secondly, I would like to point out the type of shoes I would normally pair with this type of outfit. You would see me pairing something like my double monks with this outfit, they match the belt. These Denim Jacket Outfits Ideas bring a lot of character to the outfit and they’re also a bit less formal than something like a traditional dress shoe. But a bit more refined than something like white fashion sneakers.

Denim Jacket Outfit Ideas

This Denim Jacket Outfits Ideas also illustrates how easy it is to mix a number of the different essential items for each man’s wardrobe together. A denim jacket, a white Oxford, dark blue jeans, a brown leather belt are all essential items for each man’s wardrobe, and they can be paired together in a variety of different ways.

Denim jacket

3. Shirt and a Tie

Something like a gingham shirt with a solid colored tie, or even a tie that introduces an additional pattern is going to pair very well with the rugged texture of a denim jacket. Mixing together business attire and workwear is an incredibly tricky thing to do, but when it’s done right you can put together an outfit that’s incredibly unique and very stylish.

Denim Jacket Outfit Ideas with shirt and tie

I also wanna point out that I like to leave my sleeves a little exposed beyond the sleeves of my denim jacket. Something like this can subtly bring a little more dimension and character to the outfit. Also, a very subtle style choice you can make when you’re putting together an outfit like this, and this is something I like to do, is a button the middle button of your denim jacket. And this Denim Jacket Outfits Ideas is going to give a more subtle presence to the pattern of your shirt and your tie.

formal denim jacket outfit

4. Denim Jacket Outfits Ideas with Hoodie

The hoodie underneath your denim jacket is a good way to stay warm in the colder months of the year. While still maintaining a slight urban look to your outfit. The two recommendations I have for this outfit are number one find a hoodie that fits you quite well. You don’t want anything too boxy or baggy underneath your denim jacket. And number two, I would recommend sticking with the more neutral colors when it comes to the hoodie so white, gray, and even dark blue.

Denim Jacket Outfit Ideas

And the reason being is a lot of the time you’ll find a hoodie with a very prominent graphic, but I feel like something like that can derail the cohesiveness and the subtly of the overall outfit.

5. White t-shirt and Chinos

This is probably going to be one of the easiest Denim Jacket Outfits Ideas to put together on this list. The white t-shirt and denim jacket are a very classic look and chinos will always, always go with denim. Now the success of this outfit is very much dependent on finding a white t-shirt that fits you properly. Not an undershirt, not something too baggy, and nothing too sheer or translucent.

Casual Denim Jacket Outfit

Now when it comes to chinos I really like pairing a lighter brown with the light wash denim jacket, not only does the light brown go with the jacket very well but it also gives you a lot of styling flexibility with respect to the type of shoes you wanna wear. Everything from Vans to fashion sneakers and boots to converse. I think the light brown is gonna give you more options than something darker like this.

t-shirt and chinos

And there you have it guys, that are five Denim Jacket Outfits Ideas you can style a denim jacket.

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