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Rishabh here. So glad you found my blog. This is my little world of the internet, where I get to embrace and share knowledge about all of my favorite things: diet food, weight loss tips, exercises, health advices, tips to make your lifestyle smart, grooming, relationships, sexual health, wellness, education, and community.

But really, what’s this blog all about? How will it add value to your very busy life?

Just visit TheZeroStress and you’ll notice there are so many life transforming articles that will make you lead a healthy smart lifestyle 🙂

Rishabh Mohjankar's Bio-

Rishabh Mohjankar is the creator of the Health and Lifestyle blog thezerostress.com. He is Passionate about blogging and a fitness enthusiast who currently owns 3 websites to carry his passion about blogging. He battled his fitness issues too. Weighing over 90 kgs, he transformed his lifestyle and achieved his desired weight goals. Hence, he took health blogging as an option to deliver and share his knowledge to people who wants to transform their life in good way.

On a road to become a successful entrepreneur Rishabh has his own Digital Marketing Agency too. Find his emerging company on Instagram.

Rishabh grew up in India. He currently lives and works in India with his family.

If you have any query regarding Site, Advertisement, and any other issue, please feel free to contact at contact@thezerostress.com